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India will launch two communications satellites with the European Ariane rocket -5

       According to Space News Network November 14, 2013 reported that the European Union Arianespace commercial launch in November 14 announced it has signed a contract with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), will use the Ariane -5 (Ariane 5) Heavy rocket for launch two communications satellites (GSAT-15 and GSAT-16), but the launch date was not announced.
        India has long been Arianespace customers, and will continue for some time to cooperate, until India s self-developed GSLV rocket put into use. According to the initial design requirements, GSLV rocket capable of approximately 3150 kg heavy satellites into geostationary orbit. But in the past few years, Arianespace began to face competitive pressures, the U.S. Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has developed a new launch vehicle – Falcon -9, the rocket on November 25, 2013 since it can be performed in geosynchronous orbit mission.
        ISRO said its GSAT-15 satellite positioned at the 93.5 degrees east in geostationary orbit, the satellite contains 18 Ku-band transponders, which has two channels devoted to India GPS augmentation system GAGAN positioning, navigation and timing services, You can completely cover the range of services the American GPS system. The satellite s design life of more than 12 years. GSAT-16 satellite positioned at 55 degrees east longitude on the geostationary orbit, the satellite contains 12 Ku-band transponders, 24 C-band and 12 extended C-band transponders available. The satellite s design life equally over 12 years.