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  We believe that the happiest and the most productive employees are people who achieve a balance between work and life. For YJTers, life with fulfillment is as important as career accomplishments. From daily life to spiritual level, we take care of employees physical and mental needs, and provide various options for relaxation.

  YJT in Mount Huang

An old saying says,“Trips to China s five great mountains render trips to other mountains unnecessary, and a trip to Mount Huang renders trips to the five great mountains unnecessary.” The four wonders: legendary pines, picturesque rocks, the sea of clouds and hot springs will make visitors indulge in pleasures without stop and even can’t help but to admire nature of the miracle.
(by 2010.10)

YJT in QianDao Lake

QianDao Lake famous for its vast and blue scenario and jade mountains. April 4thof 2011, a nice weekend spent in Qiandao lake.
(by 2011.04)