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DC-DC Converters for Military Avionics

For two decades, we’ve provided the world’s militaries with top flight power solutions for the most critical missions.

Rapid temperature changes? Max Gs? We’ve got you covered.

Ultra reliable modules – many on SMDs – ensure a power supply that military programs can count on. Around the world, manufacturers including Boeing, Eurofighter, Kawasaki HI, Mitsubishi HI, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Saab, U.S. Armed Forces, and many others are powering their programs with VPT.

For rapid deployment, we offer an extensive array of off-the-shelf power products:

  • Avionics/Military DC-DC Converters.
    Wide -55 deg. C to +125 deg. C. temperature ranges and full hermeticity. VPT offers optional screening to MIL-PRF-38534, Class H, when you expect the most rugged of duty for your program.
  • COTS DC-DC Converters
    An alternative for some systems in rugged 6-sided metal packaging. Temp ranges from -55 deg. C. to +100 deg. C.
  • Power Products on SMDs.
    Design with confidence using VPT’s extensive list of qualified products on Defense Logistics Agency (formerly DSCC) Standard Military Drawings (SMDs).
  • Point-of-Load DC-DC Converters.
    YJT offers the only POL converter qualified on a DLA SMD. When paired with the isolated converters above, our POL converters offer a tiny size, light weight, extremely efficient power architecture solution.
  • EMI Filters and Accessories.
    Don’t forget EMI filters, transient suppressors, and line conditioners for your mil avionics system.

Recent YJT Solutions for Military Avionics

YJT is currently powering hundreds of military avionics systems around the globe including:

  • Bomb rack controls
  • Flight control systems
  • Data acquisition
  • Actuator control computers
  • Missile detectors
  • Cabin pressure control systems
  • Communications displays
  • Data recorders
  • FLIR
  • Helicopter directional controls
  • Fire detection systems
  • And many, many more systems